Illawarra Fly - Treetop Sunrise Tour

Date: 24 August 2019

Welcome spring at nearby attraction, Illawarra Fly Tree Top Walk, for their spectacular Treetop Walk Sunrise Tour.

Experience the stunning natural environment of NSW in the beautiful first light of the day with a walk among the treetops 20-30 metres up in the air. 

The walk suitable for all ages and fitness levels, however, you can choose to climb up Krights Tower, 45 metres about the forest floor for the most breathtaking views!

Hot coffee will be offered at the start of the walk and a hot buffet breakfast is served at Cafe 106 upon return.

Upcoming 2019 dates are:

  • Saturday 24th August
  • Saturday 21st September
  • Saturday 5th October
  • Saturday 19th October
  • Saturday 16th November
  • Saturday 14th December

Get up an hour early to live an hour more! Advanced booking are essential.

Book your accommodation or caravan and camping site with us and enjoy the beachside life with a weekend in Kiama.

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